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AESB through partners and its sister companies in Middle East region has established good networking and partnership capacities with Refinaries, Petrochemical industries and reputable local merchant traders in order to supply vaiety of Energy Commodity products to South, South-East and East Asia markets.


By early 2014, almost 120 Million Tons of Oil Products have been traded in Global Market.
Today Asia accounts for about 40% of world oil trade and buys 75% of Middle East oil exports.
One-third of the world�s oil flows are consumed in Asia (North, East, Southeast and South Asia and Australasia).
In 2012, Asia Countries has consumed almost 30 Million Barrel per day of Oil products.
In 2012, about 14.5 mbd of the Middle East surplus
was exported to the Asia-Pacific region. stocks in Asia Countries are low, except in Korea and Japan, as most countries have avoided the cost of building up emergency stocks.
Around 4 million barrels of Fuel Oil is traded freely on the global market which is consumed mostly by power generation industries and marine ships as the bunker fuel.
LPG currently meets around 3% of global energy needs, amounting to 66 million tonne seaborne market.
Most of Naphtha which is traded globaly in 100 milion ton per annum is supplied by Refineries from Middle East to petrochmeical industries.



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As one of the professional independent traders of Energy Commodities, AESB is to offer our counterparties reliable and efficient service tailored to their needs and to support the ongoing market revolution.
We work together with our sister companies in key export countries in Middle East to supply the demand of our valued customer and clients to supply their import demands in South, South-East and Easia markets.
We identify macro-economic shifts in supply and demand. We have established strong relationships with power generators and bunker fuel traders and importers in South-East Asia.
We have this facilities to supply customized blended products based on the Client or market demand.

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