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Renewable Energy

Proving Consultancy and Project Management Services in Renewable Power Development Projects particularly Small hydro, Wind Power, Bio Mass projects are among the main expertise of the Company's founders and staff.

AESB sources the investment opportunities in Renewable Energy Projects in South-East Asia market which are to be developed by its own capacity or partnership.
AESB sources and supplies the spare parts and equipment for Renewable Energy Projects.

Below are some Renewable Projects which AESB has being involved:

Siahpoush Wind Farm

The Wind farm is being developed under BOO scheme with capacity of 63.5 MW in Phase-1. Based on the wind characteristics at this site, the Wind Farm is classified under ClassIIA. According to micro siting and technical analysis, the site is prepared for installing 25 Units of Wind Power Generation Units with Direct Drive wind turbine technology.�


Shahr-Bijar smallhydro Power Plant

The SBSH is a Small Hydro project with total generation capacity of 5 MW. The Project is being developed under BOT concept. The project is developed based on Run-off-River concept with total head and flow rate, respectively as, 69 m and 6.6 cms. Two FRANCIS-SPIRAL hydro turnine Units with Vertical shaft and rated output 2055 kW are being installed at this site. The expected efficiency of Units are around 92%.

Khaf Wind Farm

Based on wind data records and technical analysis, this site is quite promising for installation of 40 Units of Wind Power Generation Units each with capacity of 2.5MW. So, the first Phase of project is being developed under BOO scheme with capacity of 100 MW.


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