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Conventional Energy

AESB provides services and consultancy to Clients, EPC contractors and Project Developers for sourcing the New Technologies, Engineering and Design, Equipment, and etc. in the field of Simple Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle GT Projects.
AESB sources investment opportunities in Conventional Power Development Projects within the Middle East, East and South-East Asia market, particularly Malaysia.
AESB sources and supplies the spare parts and equipment for power genration and transmission industries.

Below are the same Clients/Projects that AESB have had opportunity to cooperate with:


Amir Kabir Electricity Generation & Development Company
( Rudshur power plant)

Amir Kabir Electricity Generation & Development Company is developer and owner of Rudshur Power Plant. The construction of the first phase of Rudshur Power Plant, was started in 2004 and the project was commissioned in winter 2006. Rudshur PP in Phase one has the generation capacity of 792 MW through 3 Siemens GT V94.3A Units in simple cycle. Although the GT Units are still among the latest technology in the market with high performance index, e.g. availability rate over 92% and efficiency rate around 39%, the Client has decided to upgrade it to a higher Energy Efficient project by converting the existing Simple Cycle GT Units to Combined Cycle.

In early 2013, the basic design of conversion works and systems were completed, and then, the movement of facilities and system was conducted accordingly during the major overhaul of Units in late 2013 and early 2014.�

Kahnooj Electricity Generation Company
(Kahnooj I power plant)

Although total concession granted for the Project is BOO with 968 MW capacity, the construction of the first Phase was started with 484MW in 2013. The first phase is a GT Combined Cycle block comprised of 2 GT V94.2 Units and one ST E30 Series. GT Units’ efficiency is estimated around 33% while the overall efficiency in CCGT mode is estimated 49%. Expected availability is more than 90%.�
The simple cycle part is commissioned in 2014 while the steam part is scheduled to be commissioned by 2015.

An O&M contractor has been engaged for providing full Operation and Maintenance services after COD.

Caspian Electricity Generation Company

(Mazandaran II Power Plant)

Mazandaran II Power Plant is being developed under BOO scheme. The Power Plant is comprised of one single shaft Combined Cycle Unit with capacity of 450�10% MW at ISO condition. Cooling System for Turbine Condenser will be Dry cooling system, i.e. Air Cooled Condenser


Kahnooj Electricity Generation Company
(Kahnooj II power plant)

Kahnooj II Power Plant was developed in BOO scheme with capacity of 75 MW, by using 2 GT Units one AEG-F5 and the other one Hitachi F5. The Availability of the units has been around 80% while efficiency achieved around 23%. The third Unit, a GT Alstom F5, was supplied and installed in March 2013.


Shams Sarakhs Electricity Generation Company
(Sarakhs II power plant)

Sarakhs II Power Plant is being developed under BOO scheme with capacity of 50 MW. The first unit was connected to the grid in July 2013 and the second unit in March 2014.


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